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Publishing Final Grades from Canvas to


Please note that you MUST enter last date of attendance for F/AW directly in ONE ( when submitting your grades. Also, you MUST be listed as the Instructor of Record for the course to submit grades in ONE. 
First, let’s set the course grading scheme:
  1. Go to the course Settings in the side navigation.
    • Click course settings
  2. On the Course Details tab, scroll down to find the checkbox next to Grading Scheme.
    • Check the Enable Course Grading Scheme box.
  3. Check the box to Enable course grading scheme.
  4. Click set grading scheme.
    • Click set grading scheme.
  5. Using standard grading scheme? (A = 90 & up, B = 80 & up, etc.). If not, skip to step 6.
    1. ​​Click Select Another Scheme. ​
    2. Choose the Letter Grade or Pass/Fail scheme that applies to the course.
    3. Click Use This Grading Standard.
    4. Click Done.
    5. Skip to Step 7.
  6. Using non-standard grading scheme?
    1. Click the pencil icon ().
    2. Edit the ranges and name (letter grade). You can also delete unnecessary rows.
      1. The name must be the letter grades One will accept for your course.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Click Done.

      Now, we’re ready to submit your grades:
  7. Go to, click the courses link, and select the course you are submitting grades for.
  8. Select Grades.

  9. Click Import from Canvas.

  10. ONE will import your Canvas grades. It will display the “Canvas current grade” as well as the “Canvas calculated final grade”. If there are errors, they will display here. The most common causes of grading errors are 1) ungraded assignments, 2) muted assignments and 3) not having a grading scheme enabled.

    Note that “Show only discrepancies” will filter to show only students with missing grades or inconsistent grades. 

  11. If any errors do appear, select Resolve in Canvas to correct errors received.
  12. Once Canvas grades are updated, navigate back to ONE. Click Refresh Grades to update and reflect corrections. Select Submit final grades to Banner when ready to submit.

  13. Once grades have been received without error, you will receive confirmation the grades were successfully submitted.
    NOTE: Grades of F/AW must be entered directly in Banner; please click Edit in Banner to enter last date of attendance and to submit those grades. 

14. Review grades for accuracy.

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